This week for the first time with a real '' Ruud de Boer '' welding table worked 1500 x 3000mm. We make complete rinsing machines which are now very easy to weld at right angles and we do not have to measure as much as we would otherwise on the old welding table. We decided after 2 days to buy one more and that is also directly arranged by Ruud, complete with collets, angle corners / spacers and cams. Our people are very happy with it and so are me! Thanks Ruud for these good tables and hopefully you will sell a lot! highly recommended.

Fred Steenvoorden Machines B.V. (Breezand)

"4 Last tableshop purchased at Lastafelshop. We are very happy with it. Excellent service and competitive price. That Lastafelshop is a reliable partner may be clear. "

Binky Bouw (Hazerswoude)

"Thank you for the correct delivery of the welding tables. I ordered kits. They were good to put together. Everything fit neatly. Welding on these tables with supplied glue clamps goes very well. Because the holes in the tables match well with each other, you can also easily put several tables together, so that you can also clamp large workpieces. T works great! "

Henk Ebbink (Hazerswoude)

"In search of a welding table, I ended up at Ruud via Marktplaats. Table stood out because of its price, and also good looking quality on photos. After this we contacted Ruud, and we could get the table very quickly. The table is perfect, especially in combination with the glue clamps. All in all a very good price / quality ratio, and excellent service! "

Jesse van de Sande (Boxtel)

Dear Ruud, I bought two tables with you which were delivered very smoothly. The tables i.c.m. the clamps, cams and table extensions are super convenient to use. Now our employees are able to weld the table frames that we make neatly right to the right sizes. Super product and super service. Thank you,

Jacco Donders (Ammerzoden)

I am very satisfied with the welding table, now use it in 85% of the welding work. The delivery was fast and correct. Because our workshop is small, I have made wheels myself. Now he is also easy to move. I actually only regret one thing ........... that I did not purchase before.

Henk Sluiskes (Aalten)

A decent welding table bought. Incidentally not to lift 😉 Fine company, clear quote and good advice.Recommended!

Seldenthuis-Educatie (Gouda)

Finally, very happy with the table, made two mistakes: I should have bought it 10 years earlier and I should have taken the table together. What a work, but if he stands once ...... Great. Sincerely,

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