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The most affordable welding table in the Benelux

No workshop is complete without this welding table. For most self-employed builders and SMEs in the building industry, the leading brands are too expensive, and that is why Lastafelshop.nl decided todevelop an alternative.

When you need to make steel window or door frames, racks or other steelwork, you probably use a pair of trestles. They need to be positioned and adjusted very carefully and,more often than not, are probably too small for the job. Besides taking up a lot of your time, the end result will tend to be less accurate using this method than it would have been with a nice level clamping table by Lastafelshop.com, which enables easy clamping of your workpiece.

We supply attractive, heavy-duty, Dutch-made tables at an affordable price, making welding tables a feasible option for any budget.

And once you own a welding table, you will never want to be without one!

Why did we choose 20mm circular holes as standard?

Doesn’t every welding table have 16mm or 28mmcircular holes? We also offer those hole sizes for our customized tables, but because Lastafelshop.com offers the most affordable welding table in the Benelux, we chose to use a top with 20mm circular holes. Any company in the metalworking or contracting industry will stock 20mm rods or M20 bolts, and will need to be creative to be able to compete with larger market players. Our welding table allows you to easily create a template that will fit directly into the holes of our table. All you need is a 20mm rod and you’re on your way – there is no need to machine it again to, for instance, 28mm.

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