Welding table

A welding table is a large, robust table that serves as a workbench for construction or bonding work. A welding table is not only suitable for welding, but also for milling, assembling, bonding and measuring. That is why a welding table is also called a clamping table.

The great advantage of a welding or clamping table is that, in contrast to, for example, working on 2 trestles, you can achieve a large degree of precision. In combination with the accompanying accessories, the welding table offers the user many options. The welding table can be used in many situations; from craft to industrial company, from small to large projects and for the production of steel products to wooden frames and tables.

The most affordable welding tables in the Benelux

The only drawback of a welding table is that they are quite expensive to purchase, especially if you look at the major brands. We wish everyone the convenience and efficiency that a welding table offers. That is why we make our welding tables ourselves in our workshop. We supply a beautiful, solid table of Dutch manufacture for a competitive price. This makes it possible for everyone to buy a welding table. And you will see; once you have a welding table, you won’t want to be without it!

Standard sizes and customization

You can contact us for a custom welding table. We make these completely based on your wishes and requirements. You can quickly request a quote using our handy quotation tool. In order to be able to offer the cheapest welding table in the Benelux that is affordable for everyone, we also carry standard sizes. Our ‘standard’ welding table has a top with holes around 20. Why we chose around 20? Every company that is involved in the metal sector or contracting has a piece of round rod 20 or possibly a bolt m20. With our welding table you can easily make your own mold that you can drop directly into the holes of the table. You take a round 20 from the position and can use it immediately. In short, you do not have to turn this off again to, for example, around 28.

In addition to the welding tables, you will also find other articles in our webshop that make working with the welding table even more enjoyable.

Welding Tables & Accessoires

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