Anti splash sprayer

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Anti splash Dispense hand sprayer

Application: This hand sprayer can be used in 360 degree positions. That means that this sprayer can be used straight as well as upside down or in impossible angles!

Description: No mist when using the anti-splash spray with this hand sprayer. Ideal to use in combination with the 5 liter jerry can to refill the hand sprayer.

Will be delivered incl. 500ml anti-splash spray.

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You can use this hand sprayer on positions in 360 degrees. The sprayer evenly doses both upright and upside down as well as into impossible angles! The hand sprayer does not produce a mist when in use. It comes standard with 500 ml anti-splash spray. For refilling, a 5 liter jerry can is handy and also cheaper.


Content: 500 ml

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Weight 3 kg


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